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Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:09 pm by Zariga

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    Sacrosanct in Cataclysm


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    Sacrosanct in Cataclysm

    Post  Groosalugg on Tue Dec 14, 2010 1:54 am

    Its been one week since Cataclysm has been out, and Sacrosanct has pushed most of its active members to 85, and been working around the clock to get people geared in regulars. Heroics and then raiding are just around the corner, but leadership is encountering two (and a half) issues that must be worked on if the guild is to become highly successful and reach its potential. These are issues mainly due to how new the guild is, and somewhat inevitable in a growing guild.

    The biggest issue is our tank shortage. Currently, we have 3 level 85 tanks, two of which are the GM's. This is not only resulting in dps having to pug content, but it is burning out leadership because we feel like we need to constantly be helping since we are the few that are capable of tanking. The end result is we are gearing considerably slower, and getting less experience working together and working on new content than we have the potential to. The long term solution is to find more tanks looking for guilds, and if history is any guide, be assured that this will happen.

    The short term solution is to turn our tank capable dps into tanks. This means all pallys, dks, warriors, and druids whos main spec is for dps, have their second spec as tank, and use that spec actively. Leadership is willing to bend over backwards to help these members to do this. Here is the reality: we have the skill, leadership and dedication to be a very successful guild, but unless these classes make these changes, we will only be running one 10 man group for a long time, which will include 2 tanks, 3 healers, 3 range dps, and 2 melee dps (and probably only 1 of those melee dps will be a viable tanking class). So if you do fit this description, chances are, you wont be raiding any time soon unless you are willing to step up to help the guild and tank.

    So why choose to tank? There are many reasons, first off, it will help your guild members progress considerably faster. It will also make you into an essential role, and make your que time basically nothing. You can do more instances, and get more faction rep, AND get more gear for your main spec. How? Because leadership is willing to bend the policies for those that make sacrifices. As of December the 13th, any tank viable class that helps the guild by tanking, can roll on tank gear AND their dps gear in the same instance. Furthermore, we will do our best to gear you in both sets in raids as well. Not only this, but you are practically guaranteed a raid spot assuming your hours are somewhat flexible. You will also have many willing guildies to help teach you how to tank properly, and wipe with you until you learn, it is worth it in the end. The guild is willing to fund you to gem you and chant you, and pay for your respecs and rep tank gear. Oh and you will have a statue and parade and holiday named after you.

    As a guild member, there is nothing you can do that would be more beneficial to the guild right now than to do this for us. We dont want this to be long term for you if you simply dont enjoy tanking, we WILL find new tanking recruits, but in the meantime, you might actually find you prefer to be a tank. If you are willing to do this, please send a tell to one of the GMs immediately to discuss. As per our policy, you will never be forced to change specs as a member, but it will make everyones life a whole lot easier for a few weeks.

    The second issue is our leadership shortage. We are still looking for members to step it up and become more active with leadership, we are naturally seeing this occur in 5 mans and other areas of the guild with some members, and we encourage it to continue with those members and others. There are lots of things the guild could use help on, especially with recruiting and organizing and leading events/5 mans. You can start this today, and/or ask leadership what more you can do to help.

    The third issue, more like a policy addition, is in regards to chaos orbs which drop from the end boss of heroics. Our policy on this is as follows: Try to make sure a crafter (with suitable dps/heals/tankage) is in each heroic group. It will be determined beforehand who gets the chaos orb. These orbs will be used for GUILD EPIC GEAR, in the priority of tanks, then healers, then dps. We will begin by gearing up our most core members which will in the long run, benefit everyone. These will NOT be needed on. If any clarification needs to be made, talk to one of the Gms (and soon, officers)

    Please help our guild reach its potential.

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