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    Post  Hurriquake on Wed Dec 15, 2010 5:56 am

    This post is very lengthy but I think all of our healers should see it to get a straight grip on all of the Cataclysm heroic fight mechanics and how to deal with them. Let's start with the biggy.

    ----- Blackrock Caverns -----
    Notable Trash
    Evolved Twilight Zealot -- Has an ability called Shadow Strike which will inflict 60% of it's current health as damage. Be prepared for a large heal when you see this one coming especially early on in the fight.
    Defiled Earth Rager -- Uses meteor. Make sure everyone is stacked up so the damage is split. This will one shot someone who is standing alone. Just keep everyone above 50% health or so.

    Rom'ogg Bonecrusher
    Wounding Strike -- Reduces healing by 25% on the tank. Ask the tank to watch for this and pop a cooldown when it happens.
    Quake -- Make sure everyone knows they can move out of the dust clouds to avoid the majority of this damage.
    Chains of Woe -- Throw some dps too at this if you can. The faster it breaks the more time you have to get away from...
    The Skullcracker -- Pretty much insta kills anyone who didn't get away after chains. Everyone has to run away. Tank and all. 95K-105K damage

    Corla, Herald of Twilight
    Be prepared to do the beam dance with dps. This makes things a lot easier on the tank who needs to be focusing on the add if it pops. Take the beam until the debuff is at 80, move out, let it reset and get back in.
    Evolved Twilight Zealot -- see Notable Trash
    Having the tank save cooldowns for evolution helps a lot. An unfortunate Shadow Strike can really turn this fight ugly fast.
    Typically if you can make it through the first 10-15 secs after the evolution, this fight is a breeze.

    Karsh Steelbender
    The guy himself isn't much to worry about. He has a cleave though so keeping good positioning is key throughout the fight.
    The easiest way I've seen this done is to have someone off-tank adds when you need to cool the boss down.
    So healing for this fight becomes:
    -- Slowly heal the tank as he shouldn't be taking too much damage from the boss alone.
    -- When the tank dips the boss in the fire (1-2 stacks), throw out a couple of AoE heals to repair what you can. Don't stress about anyone above 50% health.
    -- Be prepared to heal an off-tank when adds spawn. (Adds cannot die near the boss or he starts the AoE damage.)
    This fight will test your regen for all it's worth. Spirit food and a Ghost Elixir can go a long way to help keep you going.

    All of the smaller dogs can be CC'd and it's strongly encouraged. Have the dps take out anything that the group can't keep locked down and burn her fast.
    Fear is probably the worst thing you'll have to worry about as a healer. It had a tendancy to make me run all the way across the room from the tank.
    Other than that, if everyone avoids the lava puddles and the small dogs don't run out of control this fight is pretty easy.

    Ascendant Lord Obsidius
    Very easy boss if you have a dps who knows how to kite well. They can be slowed. The kited adds will put a debuff up that pretty much nukes your ability to heal that target, but if the person is worth their salt they shouldn't be taking damage anyway. Tank healing is very easy on this one. There is a magic dot that should be dispelled: Twilight Corruption. Other heroic dungeons in the next post.

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    Post  Hurriquake on Wed Dec 15, 2010 5:57 am

    ----- Grim Batol -----
    Notable Trash
    Twilight Armsmaster -- Has a mortal strike and is already a heavy hitter. Be prepared to burn some mana on these quickly.
    Twilight Enforcer -- Has a whirlwind attack that will most likely catch some melee dps a case of dead if they don't move.
    Twilight Wyrmcaller -- Summon a dragon that puts a blue flame on the ground. Be prepared to heal through a couple ticks of it. Tank should do thier best to get out of it quickly though.

    General Umbriss
    Move out of the charge if he focuses on you or somewhere near you. When the adds come, they'll go straight for you so try to keep near the tank.
    Malignant Troggs should always die last out of the add groups due to the buff they spread when they die and always away from the boss... or better yet keep it CC'd and no new adds spawn.
    Avoid any ground spikes.

    Forgemaster Throngus
    This fight has 3 phases shield, swords, and mace. He switches through them randomly.
    Shield: He will gain Personal Phalanx, you want to be behind him because he will be pushing out a large cone of fire in front of him.
    Sword: He will gain an ability that can grants him an extra attack , the damage is VERY intense. Save your cooldowns for here. He can be disarmed during this phase, and that can make it a lot easier.
    Mace: He will gain a buff 'Damage Increased by 300% and movement reduced by 70%'. The tank MUST kite him around. He will also pick up a random player and impales them. 6k damage each 2 second , lasts 6 seconds.
    He will cause earthquakes and rock to fall from the sky throught all of this. Just be mindful of where you're standing.

    Drahga Shadowburner
    The main thing you have to watch out for on this fight is the fire elementals he spawns. You have to run away from it while the dps burns it. Stop casting, don't wait... just run.
    Your next concern is the dragons breath attack. It covers a large area. People will get caught in it, but hopefully not for too long. This does a lot of damage. If the dragon turns from the tank, you know it's coming. The best position I found was to try to stick near a wall and have the tank put the dragon near a corner. Since the dragon will randomly targe someone to start the breath it limits the area you have to run out of if it's breathing into a wall.

    Get into the shadow gale eye when it spawns and cleanse any debuffs you can see.
    The dps can get into trouble if they don't stop attacking when he casts Shield of Nightmares.
    As long as your dps can get the adds down fast enough, this fight isn't very hard.

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    Post  Hurriquake on Wed Dec 15, 2010 5:58 am

    ----- Lost City of the Tol'vir -----
    Notable Trash
    Neferset Torturer -- They fear AND silence. Beg that these get CC'd or targeted first.

    General Husam
    Don't stand in the yellow circles
    Don't stand on an activated mine(middle glows yellow)
    Don't stand in the shockwave
    He will randomly pick someone up and slam them into a column. This hurts for a good chunk.
    Just keep everyone above 70% as best you can while running around like crazy.

    High Prophet Barim
    Another damage intensive fight.
    When in the normal realm you'll be healing burns from the phoenix that spawns and the tank, but it's not _too_ bad.
    When it shifts to the shadow realm, there's raid wide damage and a shadow phoenix that makes healing rough. Just try to keep everyone over 50%.

    Lockmaw & Augh
    Phase 1:
    Randomly someone gets targetted by a debuff that makes crocs be attracted to them. Just keep them healed up. The tank can and should taunt them off of the person.
    Augh runs in and whirlwinds. Just get away from him.
    Cleanse the poisons if you can and don't stand in any dust clouds.
    Phase 2:
    Augh attacks. Very easy fight. Just avoid the whirlwind and heal people that get blowdarted.

    Chain Lightening is your worst enemy. It will hurt and cause you the most stress. Other than that stay near the center of the platform and hope you don't get knocked off.

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    Post  Hurriquake on Wed Dec 15, 2010 5:59 am

    ----- The Vortex Pinnacle -----
    Notable Trash
    None of the trash in here really stuck with me.
    Grand Vizier Ertan
    Have all the dps and you stack in the dead middle right behind the boss. When the whirlwinds press in, stay put. It's not hard to heal through and makes this fight cake.

    Just be mindful that you're not in a tornado and are in the upwind. Try not to panic >.<
    Main damage will come from breath attacks that in the grand scheme of the fight can be downright unavoidable with all the running you're already doing.

    Cleanse Static Cling so everyone can get into the triangle that he draws. Chain Lightening can be a problem if people don't spread out well or the group is melee heavy.
    Other than that, it's a long fight so just try to be conservative and out last it.

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    Post  Hurriquake on Wed Dec 15, 2010 6:00 am

    ----- The Stonecore -----
    Notable Trash
    Lots of trash.... so much trash.
    Crystalspawn Giant -- They Quake so be prepared to res your tank and melee dps if they don't get out.

    Dampening Wave will absorb 15K of your healing and stacks up to 20 times... dispell it fast.
    Don't stand in the dust clouds and move out of falling shards.

    A whole lot of "don't stand in that" in this fight. Hide behind the pillars when he flies up and starts shooting shards.
    Everyone is going to take a few ticks of something here and there so there's a lot of party damage. Just keep them at about 60%.

    Keep the tank healed but more than that be prepared to cast some sort of damaging ability at the boss when Bulwark is up.
    If you don't, you won't have the dot on you to get you out of paralyze and things will mostly likely go very bad.
    Be mindful not to accidentally cleanse someone elses dot off of them unless it's after paralyze is finished.
    If you choose to melee him for the bleed dot instead, make sure you run away immediately after paralyze so you don't get caught in the Ground Slam.

    High Priestess Azil
    Your job, aside from keeping everyone alive, is to be add bait.
    Large black pools will appear on the ground. Don't run through them, but stand behind them. Always keep one between you and where the adds spawn.
    If you see dust kick up, run far away or you'll be instant killed.

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    Post  Hurriquake on Wed Dec 15, 2010 6:00 am

    ----- Throne of the Tides -----
    Notable Trash
    There are little packs of non-elite murlocs that are harder than any of the other trash.
    I managed to heal through it by cleansing one stack of the poison, throwing a large heal, cleanse, heal... well you get the idea.
    Probably a good idea to have the tank pop a cooldown when he charges in too.
    Some of them will do a water attack that hurts bad and does a knock back.

    Lady Naz'jar
    Cleanse Fungal Spores.
    When the adds come, you're probably going to be the first to know it. Make sure there's a game plan for picking them up, CC'ing... getting them away from you.
    Watch for the water spouts because getting caught in one can be a quick way for someone to die.
    Don't stand in the geysers and shock blast should ALWAYS be interrupted to avoid a huge ammount of the damage on this fight.

    Commander Ulthok
    Very easy fight if the tank kites him around. Just heal the tank and keep everyone about 50% for accidentally standing in black crap.

    Erunak Stonespeaker & Mindbender Ghur'sha
    Heal whoever gets Lava Bolt'ed. It does around 20K. The 2nd half of the fight is easier if you let people get MC'd strangley enough.. otherwise be prepared to heal through a group mind flay.

    Phase 1: Not a lot of damage. Take it easy.
    Phase 2: Tank should be kiting the slow moving large beasts. It's not too bad. Just keep everyone healed up while the channelers are being destroyed. Don't stand in sludge.
    Phase 3: Lots of damage. You will get a stacking dot that quickly scales well past any level that is healable. Total dps race. Once the phase ends if you have less than 70% health, you're going to probably fall over dead just from your health pool shrinking in the last tick of ooze. Don't worry though, just have _someone_ who can ress alive and you win.

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    Post  Hurriquake on Wed Dec 15, 2010 6:03 am

    ----- Heroic Deadmines -----
    Pretty easy fight. The tank will randomly be hit with cold fist and then hot fists, but neither felt much different to heal. Just circle around the boss ala Halion in the 2nd phase and watch out for ice circles.

    Helix Gearbreaker
    There's a lot of bombs so try not to be near them when they explode. You may have a goblin attached to your face at some point but just don't panic. The most damage will come from him picking someone up and slamming them into the wall. Just be prepared to get them up quickly.

    Foe Reaper 5000
    Another easy fight to heal. Just be prepared to throw some party healing around when he casts overdrive, and don't stand in the large glowing circle.

    Admiral Ripsnarl
    Hardest fight in here to heal.
    Be prepared to use a Ghost Elixir and some spirt food to last through it. Everything will go ok until around 25% and then you're going to be healing for all your worth. Save all cooldowns for this phase and don't forget to breathe. Ripsnarl himself will get amazingly fast and try to rip through everyone and more and more exploding adds will spawn.

    "Captain" Cookie
    As a reward for the previous fight, eat the glowing good food for a buff, stay away from the glowing green food thats poisonous (let the tank eat that up to get it out of the way) and enjoy an easy fight.

    Vanessa VanCleef
    If you can make it through the gauntlet, the actual mini-boss fights are dead easy.
    In the room with the spinning electric bars, if you're good at dodging run through first and find a safe spot to help ress fellow teammates who aren't so lucky.
    Vanessa herself is also a cake walk comparativly. Just remember to count to 3 before grabbing the rope if you're standing right near them when they spawn. Turns out you can actually do it too fast and end up back on the ship while it's still burning.

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    Post  Hurriquake on Wed Dec 15, 2010 6:05 am

    ----- Heroic Shadowfang Keep -----
    Baron Ashbury
    This fight can easily make a healer cry if you don't know what's going on.
    He will cause everyone to go down to 1% with Asphyxiate. ... DON'T PANIC.
    Heal everyone up to about 20%. Cleanse anyone that gets his debuff so the don't die from that and repeat.
    When he goes into Dark Archangel, well... then you can panic. Start healing like mad and be glad it will all end shortly.

    Baron Silverlaine
    All his debuffs are healing debuffs but if you can get them removed, he's pretty much a cake walk. The debuff doesn't last real long, so only worry about the tank or people taking immediate damage for dispells.

    Commander Springvale
    There's adds, there's raid damage... there's a lot of pain. This is a great fight to buff up your spirit for. Try to keep everyone except the tank around 50% and be mindful where you are at all times.

    Lord Walden
    Cleanse the poison you can cleanse, move around when you get the poison you can't cleanse to knock it off, and don't stand in ice shards. Really really don't stand in ice shards. There will be a lot of them but the radius is pretty small. They're about 20K a pop though.
    Healing isn't bad at all if everyone can follow those rules.

    Lord Godfrey
    There's a mortal wound debuff that can stack up pretty fast on this fight for the tank. If the tank puts his back to the wall and sidesteps out of the bullet barrage though, this is a pretty easy fight.
    Just be prepared to do more and more healing on the tank as the fight wears on.

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