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Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:09 pm by Zariga

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    New applicate


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    New applicate

    Post  Shamanlistic on Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:21 am

    1.Toons on cc above 80(I tend to raid with them all so whatever the guild needs more)
    Shamanlistic Shaman 85(implication)(Herbalist/Inscriptionist)
    Holywrath paladin 85 (envy)(jewelcrafter/Blacksmith)
    Galandrielle priest 81(The dragon cartle)(tailor/Alchemist)
    Karlfas DK 81(envy)(miner/engineer)
    Karlfras Druid 80(The dragon cartle)(leatherworker/skiner)
    Runiccharm Hunter 80(The dragon cartle)(Leatherwoker/Skinner)
    Frozenweaver mage 80(The dragon cartle) (enchanter/tailor)

    2. I pay $15.00 a month to raid. I enjoy progression I loved running to LBRS in classic to obtain the fire resist buff from mind controlling mobs and rushing back to attempt to kill ragnaros do to not having enough fire resist gear in the game. Since the dragon cartle broke up and transferred to farstriders I have been looking for a guild of equal caliber. As we were in the top 5 guilds on server at the time, to no prevail.

    3. Tell us a little about yourself (age, work, kids, hobbies, etc).

    4. Raider, I have every profession that is current available most at 525(maxed). As the expansion goes on they will all be maxed out. So i can supply my self with any and every possible gem enchant or pattern.

    5. any time after 4:00pm server, prefer not to raid past 10:00pm server. However if we are on a progression boss will push the time for a few more attempts.

    6. Any nights during the above time. Prefer no more then 3 nights a week once in awhile a forth night is ok. (confirmed with fiance)

    7. I have a permanent shift, It varies for only 1 week a year do to the time going back. and would push it one hour later for that week.

    8. AS per conversation with Zariga

    9. What is your spec? How and why did you come up with this spec? Are you willing to change your spec to benefit the guild?

    10. What do you do to ensure that you're contributing to each raid?

    12. I have a functional microphone and have the hot keyed so i can call things out if needed.

    13. 7 days a week

    14. I will do whatever it takes to gear up and down a boss if it means i spend a weekend farming heroics or doing quests to get rep.

    15. My fiance

    16. Wireless, can be wired if any internet connection issues happen

    17.No, I have my own guild The dragon cartle which i took over in classic that my Fiance and my RL friends are in.

    18. When will we down Deathwing Smile

      Current date/time is Tue Mar 26, 2019 10:47 pm