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Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:09 pm by Zariga

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    Tankin membership


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    Tankin membership

    Post  Tankin on Thu Dec 23, 2010 9:54 pm

    1. My main toon is Tankin level 85 warrior.

    2. Im looking for a good friendly guild to run heroics with and to be able to raid with. the guild im in now doesnt do much just joined them cuz a family member is in there.

    3.Well ill be 21 on the 29th, live in small town in ontario canada, theres not much to do so i tend to be on wow alot. that is when im not working in the summer atm i do roofing so most days in the summer on not on till around 4ish server time. but come winter im laid off with unemployment so i tend to be on some days up to 10 to hours, my other main hobby is my car (79 camaro z28) my baby.

    4. raider i love down new content

    5.any night would work weekdays after 4st is best tho for work reasons but weekends wouldnt matter

    6. i would only be raiding with this guild and the rest in above

    7.90% of the time yes or and if not most times i can make it as i can get work etc to work around me

    8. i have tanked all of icc and as for 85 i havnt had much time to get into grinding heroics tho i have done some as xmas is always crazy plus work ending late this year has made it even worse prot now as my main have been sense classic wow and i would change anything that would be needed to help out the group

    10.Make sure i have everything i could need (flasks, gear etc and gemmed etc)

    11. i have vent now and the most mods much as dbm etc will download any that the guild fells i need if i dont already have

    12. yes i have my bluetooth headset much as i can on a good week could be over 80 if not working when i am maybe 30 to 40 most of witch on weekends

    14. I love just being on vent doing things with the guild no matter when it is always beats sitting in town.

    15. Just me

    16. cable internet

    17. not atm but you never know

    18. when can i start tanking

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