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Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:09 pm by Zariga

1.Register on these forums
Please ensure that your forum name matches your in-game main character name.

2. Read:
Sacrosanct Charter
General Policies and Guidelines
Raiding Policies and Guidelines

3. Signed the Membership Agreement

4. Fill out and post an Application in the New Applicants section.

Once you have completed these steps you will be contacted via

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    Raiding Policies and Guidelines


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    Raiding Policies and Guidelines

    Post  Groosalugg on Thu Nov 18, 2010 7:18 pm

    We expect a lot from our raiders to bring the guild to new content. Below outlines everything you need to know about what a Sacrosanct raider is.


    • We expect our raiders to come with a fun and positive attitude so that our raids can be as enjoyable as possible for all members. If you come with a poor attitude, please prepare to mute yourself and think before you type in raid chat.


    • Make sure you are at the entrance of the instance by the raid start time. Log on early if you haven’t logged out next to it.
    • You should always be fully prepared with enough potions and flasks for the entire raid duration. Prepare for a worst case scenario wipe fest. Everyone is expected to be using flasks/elixirs and potions for any content unless told otherwise.
    • Make sure that you are fully repaired!
    • The strategy we will be using for boss fights will be posted on the forums in advance. Please make sure you have fully read them and any other sources you wish to educate yourself with. Do NOT come to a raid without having read up on the strategies for boss fights in advance.

    Raid Sign Ups

    • Please sign up for ALL raids on the calendar. If you cannot make a raid, sign up and mark as ‘declined’. This way you are fully accounted for and we won’t have to hunt you down to find out if you can come.
    • Sign up as soon as possible. The earlier you sign up the easier it is for leadership to prepare for future raids.
    • If you have signed up but find out you cannot come due to real life circumstances. Give as MUCH warning in advance as possible so we can find a replacement. If you cant get near a computer with WoW, send a PM to the raid leader and GM’s.

    Raid Scheduling

    • Our early group progressive raids are from 10:00AM-2:15 server time on Saturdays and Sundays. Our late group progressive raids are from 2:00-6:15 server time on Saturdays and Sundays. Tuesday through Friday nights will be scheduled farmed content. Our raid invites will go out on start time, we will be replacing no shows at this time (without prior warning of showing up late) and first pull will be no later than 15 minutes after start time.
    • We are focused on raiding together and progressing together. We raid only with our guild. If you feel there is an important reason to raid with another guild, please talk with an officer beforehand, but in general it is strongly discouraged.
    • Some raids will be scheduled on off nights. These raids may offer an opportunity for alts and non-raiders to come, or just add an additional night of fun raiding.

    Raid Teams

    • Sacrosanct has a focus of raiding in 10 man teams for new content (though there will be 25 man teams as well). The cap in number of 10 man teams we will have is undecided at this point.
    • Teams will be composed of people with raiding status only unless we need to fill in a spot due to multiple people not attending.
    • Teams will be designed for success with a class composition that will give the highest chance for success.
    • Teams will be designed with people of similar attendance percentage, skill, and gear level. For example, the top team will be composed of the most skilled, geared raiders that have close to 100% attendance, the next team will be composed of the right mix of classes that are the next highest in skill/gear. The bottom team will be for raiders that are near the bottom of acceptable attendance percentage, skill/gear. Members on raider status will always have an opportunity to catchup on offnights once an instance is on full clear and raid teams have been geared.
    • This is a FLEXIBLE SYSTEM. If you improve your skill and attendance, you can be moved to a higher team. Nobody has a safety spot, including officers and GMs.
    • To be on raider status, you must be able to attend most raids, to have a spot on one of the top teams, your attendance needs to match people in that team, much closer to 100%.

    Ventrilo Usage

    • During a raid, we are very lax on how vent is used. People are allowed to talk and be silly, but you need to know when this is appropriate (ie, not during boss fights or instructions or a potential wipe situation). Pay attention, if a raid leader needs to give any kind of instruction; everyone needs to shut up immediately.

    Raid Issues

    • If you disagree with the way a certain piece of loot is being distributed, do not bring it up during the raid. Talk to an officer after the raid is over. Please understand that constant complaining about loot may result in your loss of guild membership.
    • Respect the choices the raid leader makes for how bosses and trash are approached. Constant ‘back-seat driving’ will not be tolerated. If the raid leader needs your help, he or she will ask for it.

    Raiding and Alts

    • Sacrosanct is about progression and seeing new content, not about gearing up alts. Progress will be slowed by bringing alts to raids, and so we expect raiders to bring their main that they know how to play best and are geared with. Do not expect to raid with them until an instance is well on farm status. The only exception to this is if the raid group is short a specific vital class or role, and ask for volunteers to bring an alt.

    Gear Distribution

    • All BoP raid gear drops will be dealt with by the raid leader of the raid. If an upgrade drops for your toon, whisper the raid leader stating the upgrade you want and linking the gear it will be replacing. The raid leader will discuss with the loot council how the piece of gear will be distributed.
    • Gear is handed out solely to benefit raid progression. Decisions will be based on each members contribution to guild progression, the size of the upgrade, and other factors. The loot council will do their very best to be fair, so please do not engage in ‘loot drama’ by second-guessing their decisions.
    • Any member that is not on ‘raiding’ status do not receive loot priority and should not expect to be handed loot. Members not on raiding status can still get loot, they just will not be given priority over other members. (Most non raider gearing will be done on bosses that are on farm status)

    BOEs, Trash, and Disenchants

    • All BoE Greens will be DE'd to fund raid gearing or raiding consumables.
    • BoE Blues and BoE Epics will be sold to fund raid gearing or raiding consumables (with a possible exception if the item is a large upgrade for someone)
    • There will be times where someone is designated to pick up trash off bodies instead of each individual. You will be informed when this will happen.
    • Shards will be sold and/or collected by the Guild Bank to fund raid gearing or raiding consumables.

    Technical Stuff, Macros & Add-ons

    • You MUST have a Broadband connection and a responsive computer to raid with us. If lag is a serious issue caused by anything from your video card to your connection speed... as much as we may love you, it just makes it impossible to raid effectively with you. You also need a working headset and microphone.
    • We have a few specific macros/UI additions that we have guild members use that will add to your guild experience, so ask questions if you need help. Also, we realize that folks don't all have 'super computers' with the best of everything, so we are careful to select add-ons which can be run without lag on minimum requirements.
    • Sacrosanct does require raiders to be using certain mods to increase performance. Some of these mods are required, some are simply recommended. A member cannot be on raiding status until these mods are installed and the member is competent using them. We have kept required mods to a minimum for those with lower performance computers, and to not overburden people with mods they do not want.

    Required Tank mods: Deadly boss mods, Omen
    Required Healing mods: Deadly boss mods, Clique, a configurable raid frame (ie Grid, Xperl), OR use healbot as an option instead of clique and a configurable raid frame.
    Required DPS mods: Deadly boss mods, Omen
    Required dispelable class mods: Grid (requires configuration to do so), OR decursive


    • Raiders should be keeping themselves available to help the guild progress through content. Due to this, we ask that raiders are not getting saved to non-guild raiding events. This policy will not only help guild progress, but it will help build the teamwork needed to succeed. Exceptions include: 1. Getting saved to farmed content. 2. The guild has finished raiding for the current lockout period. 3. You know ahead of time that you will not be able to attend the guilds scheduled raids.

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