How to become a member

Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:09 pm by Zariga

1.Register on these forums
Please ensure that your forum name matches your in-game main character name.

2. Read:
Sacrosanct Charter
General Policies and Guidelines
Raiding Policies and Guidelines

3. Signed the Membership Agreement

4. Fill out and post an Application in the New Applicants section.

Once you have completed these steps you will be contacted via

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    So you want to be a 'Raider'?


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    So you want to be a 'Raider'?

    Post  Groosalugg on Thu Nov 18, 2010 7:38 pm

    So you want to be a raider?

    You are a member, but you are itching to raid with us, What do you need to do?

    At Sacrosanct, personality is a must to become a member, but time dedication and skill are a must to become a raider. We need people on our team that can make raids consistently, as close to 100% attendance as possible. To be a raider, you need to be able to not only dedicate yourself to meet raid times, but also to gear yourself, gem yourself, and enchant yourself. This means run heroics to maximize your gear potential. Ask to do farming runs when they are available to catch up to gear. Make sure your gear is fully gemmed and enchanted (if it a piece of gear that will soon be replaced, a lower quality gem is acceptable, if it wont be replaced soon, nothing but an epic gem will suffice)

    We also expect a certain level of skill, knowledge, and learning capacity. If you do not have this, you need to work on it before we bring you to raids, we do not want anyone bringing the raid success down. This means educate yourself on all the boss fights through tactic reading and videos. This means running endless heroics to learn your class as best as possible. And this means coming on easy mode farm runs to learn to perform better in raids when your performance wont result in a raid wipe. If you have the time dedication but are simply inexperienced, we will help you try to reach a level of skill we require, but you need to communicate that to us first.

    In addition to the above, make sure you have fully read all of the raiding policies and understood them. Once you think you are ready to join the raiding team, let the GM know.

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