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Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:09 pm by Zariga

1.Register on these forums
Please ensure that your forum name matches your in-game main character name.

2. Read:
Sacrosanct Charter
General Policies and Guidelines
Raiding Policies and Guidelines

3. Signed the Membership Agreement

4. Fill out and post an Application in the New Applicants section.

Once you have completed these steps you will be contacted via

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    So you want to be a 'Officer/Raid leader/Role leader'?


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    So you want to be a 'Officer/Raid leader/Role leader'?

    Post  Groosalugg on Thu Nov 18, 2010 7:40 pm

    So you want to be an officer/raid leader/role leader?

    You are a raider, but you feel you have a lot more to offer the Sacrosanct team. What do you need to do?

    At Sacrosanct, you need the personality, skill, and time dedication to become a raider, but to become an officer, raid leader, or role leader you need to be able to exhibit clear maturity and leadership qualities for you to be considered. You can show off these qualities regardless of whether you have an officer or raid leader or role leader title. That is how we will know you are what we are looking for.

    We need people who can take the initiative to organize guild events, get guildies together for runs so they don’t need to pug. This means creating runs/pvp events/questing events on the calendar, or asking guild chat if people want to do form together for a 5 man or heroic or a raid that is now no longer scheduled. We need people interested in organizing the forums and making them a more attractive place to go to when not ingame

    We need people who are always respectful to other members, and can calmly tell people that something is inappropriate (ie-guild chat has gone to far, someone is talking on vent when the raid leader is trying to talk, someone is creating drama). We need people that are good at public relations, who can take care of drama, and can listen to people’s problems and direct them to the right person.

    We need people who are innovative and creative, and can think of new ideas and ways for this guild to go and to grow. People who can think of helpful policy changes, notice inefficiencies, and offer solutions.

    We need people who are highly knowledgable about raids, classes, and specs. People who are capable of seeing weaknesses in a raid and fixing them.

    Raid leaders, role leaders, and officers often exhibit similar qualities. The main difference is raid leaders and role leaders exhibit these qualities more in raid organization, whereas officers exhibit these qualities more outside of raids. Please note, it is possible to be all three!

    If you think you are what we are looking for as a role leader, officer, or raid leader, let the GM know and we will start to keep a closer eye on you. Just know in advance that we are very picky.

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