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Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:09 pm by Zariga

1.Register on these forums
Please ensure that your forum name matches your in-game main character name.

2. Read:
Sacrosanct Charter
General Policies and Guidelines
Raiding Policies and Guidelines

3. Signed the Membership Agreement

4. Fill out and post an Application in the New Applicants section.

Once you have completed these steps you will be contacted via

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    In Preparation For Cataclysm...


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    In Preparation For Cataclysm...

    Post  Groosalugg on Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:52 pm

    In Preparation For Cataclysm

    There are only 20 days before the cataclysmic event that changes everything, and in that time our guild has a lot to do. As of November 18th, Sacrosanct is less than 2 months old, crazier still, its been only 1 month since we got our 5th lvl 80 member. In that time Sacrosanct has exploded its membership to around 30 people. Membership will continue to grow well into the future, but its time to fully define who we are, and what we are about. The following are recent changes to the way our guild is working.

    1. Raiding in WOTLK – We accomplished something in a very short time. We cleared all the way to LK in a 3 day period, and got quite a few wacks at him. That shows some of the skill and leadership ability in this guild to get that far so quickly, when many of us had little and sometimes no experience in ICC. However we have run into a problem which was predicted. LK is a very technical fight that requires an incredible amount of teamwork and knowing what to do. Our main sticking point is that half of our team consistently comes out every raid night, and learns the fight and improves. The other half are inconsistent and many new people keep getting introduced to the fight and learning curve has to start over. It is clear that the LK is a fight that requires the same group of people learning together, to fully learn the fight, and that being forced to take in new people is greatly detrimental to success. We clearly have the skill and gear to get him down, but we don’t have the consistency in enough raiders to show. This is due mainly to many active raiders taking a break or being temporarily very casual pre expansion (because after all, its going to be a clean slate in 20 days). At this point leadership has decided its more important for people to take a break from raiding, or stay off wow if necessary, work on professions, achievements, or whatever, just take it easy. So that come cataclysm, we will be ready to push very quickly into new content and mark itself as a top raiding guild on the server. We will still have scheduled raids (content in ICC, TOC, VOA, Onxyia, weeklies etc), but we aren’t going to burn ourselves out on LK when we cant expect people to be consistently available to learn the fight. We may continue trying LK, just don’t expect anything epic before Cata.

    2. A Raiding Policies and Guidelines has been added to the policy section. Please read it. Please note that you will not be able to be a raider in cata unless you have read and understood these policies. Changes have been made to the charter (welcome to sacrosanct) and the general policies (especially the expanded descriptions of guild ranks and how to achieve them). Please go back to these sections and read them. (Raiding policies go into effect at lvl 85)

    3. There has been a raiding schedual time change. Starting at lvl 85, we will be raiding at 10:00AM to 2:15PM server on Saturdays and Sundays for progression content. Weekdays will be schedualled at varying times for content well on farm. There will eventually be another raid time starting at 2:00-6:15PM Saturdays and Sundays so you are able to keep your weekends flexible with a preference in raiding time. Please understand that if you cannot meet these times consistently, you will not be able to reach the rank ‘raider’. If you want an example of how this would work, think of it this way with WOTLK examples: Saturdays and Sundays we would be working on LK (maybe Sindragosa and RS), certain weekday nights we would be working on farming up to Sindra or LK, and TOC/Onxyia/Ulduar.

    4. We are looking for raid leaders, role leaders and officers! If you are interested, contact one of the GMs. The rest of WOTLK is now designated practice time for these leadership positions. If you are interested and we feel you have the right qualities, we will do everything in our power to give you the practice needed, and watch you to make sure you are what we are looking for. Make sure you FULLY read the following sections before talking to us- So you want to be a member?, so you want to be a raider?, so you want to be an officer/raid leader?, General Guild Policies and Guidelines, Raiding Policies and Guidelines.

    5. In the 20 days we have left, get to know your guildies. Build up our guild culture, talk on guild chat, do heroics with guildies, sign up for fun raids. Make yourself known.

    6. Spend some time on the forums. Write an introduction at least, PLEASE, and post about stuff. This website will eventually be very active (especially during server downtime), make use of it, this is only the beginning.

    7. There will be an upcoming meeting and news events about how we will be leveling in Cataclysm and how guild points effects this. Be ready for it!

    8. After reading our policy changes, and seeing what we are like when we raid and how we talk, decide for yourself if this is the right guild for you. We have very quickly built up a guild culture, and a raiding team from complete scratch. Half our members are still on trial membership which shows the speed at which leadership has grown this guild. This will only get better with time as we increase our members and skill level and comfort level with each other. Your leadership has the dedication to make sure this is the best home possible. However, we cannot cater to everyone at the same time. For some, raid times will be impossible to ever meet and you might not be happy staying as a casual non raiding member. For some, you may not like our sense of humour or our guild members or the way we do things. If this is the case, please understand these things probably won’t change, and we are sorry if this is the case for you, but you may be better off leaving and finding a home that will be right for you before cata. If you are thinking this is you, please talk to a GM first to make sure that leaving is the right choice and make a choice sooner rather than later.

    See you all Ingame!

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