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    Core Team REPOST


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    Core Team REPOST

    Post  Groosalugg on Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:58 pm


    Dear Core Raiders;

    We are getting to the end of our second week of raiding, and while we have accomplished much, including having a lot of fun, our accomplishments have been limited by a few factors that will be addressed here.

    The core team was designed to be different than the rest of the guild. The core team was meant to be 'hardcore'. We expect our core team raiders to take raiding just as seriously as a job, a job that is a hell of a lot of fun if everyone adopts this mentality, and one that is frustrating if 2 or 3 members decide not to. This means, that 10 minutes before raid time, everyone is ONLINE. This means that at exactly 5PM, everyone is inside the instance and buffed, ready to pull. This means that people have put away outside distractions and will be focused for the 3.5 hours of raiding. This means that you have taken the time to research a fight ahead of time. This means that people aren't going to randomly afk without telling the raid leader first so we dont know how long you will be gone. This means that people will attend every raid, and if the rare occurrence happens where they just can't, they give several days warning in advance. This means if they are in an emergency situation, they have their phone with 1 or 2 call numbers to let everyone else know what happened. This means even if you don't feel like logging on and raiding, you do anyway to support the rest of your team. This means that you epitomize what it means to be friendly and helpful and act as role models to the rest of the guild as to how you treat one another and the rest of the guild.

    Why are these things so important? Because you are not just responsible for yourself. You are responsible for a team, THE team that this guild will be pouring its assets into first to show the rest of the server, and potential recruits, that we are awesome. When you don't do these things, you let down 9 other people. Our raids thus far have started on average 25 minutes late because there is usually one person who doesn’t show up on time or at all and never gave notice. At this point, this has happened enough times for everyone else to experience what it is like wasting those minutes, wondering if the raid will continue, reexplaining strategies to the new people we have to take in, wiping when we shouldn’t wipe, and slowing down our progress and frustrating everyone.

    It is important to mention that there are some raiders who are ALWAYS ready on time. Who have done everything right and have come with stellar attitudes each time. Some of these people sacrifice sleep, take naps because they have to get up early the next day, and do everything in their power to support their team. We want 10 of those people on our team, and if we have to replace people to make sure all 10 have that attitude, we will do that. It simply is not fair to them that they do everything right and get punished for it. Furthermore, it is 10 times harder on your two GM's because every time someone doesn't show up on time, we are put into a panic scrambling last minute to find replacements who have the gear, skill, and learning ability to down bosses

    So if the above is too much to ask, we understand, it is asking a lot. All we ask if this is the case is that you approach leadership this weekend, tell us you cannot adhere to the above because of real life or whatever, and we will move you to the waiting list of another team. We still want you in the guild, we think each of our top 10 raiders have done much to contribute to the success of Sacrosanct, but we cannot keep you in our core team. If the above is not to much to ask, then do whatever is necessary to make sure you can attend on time as close to 100% of the time as humanely possible. Set two alarm clocks if you are napping, leave whatever social function early to make sure you have time to log on. Have a backup raider call number to call if an emergency came up and you cant make it, and use that number as soon as possible.

    We are not adopting a DKP policy. We do not feel we need 'points' to motivate our raiders as if you were 12 years old. Either you are motivated to fulfil our expectations of our core team because its something you want to do for yourself and for your team, and because you hate letting your team down, or we need to find you another team.

    If you are a core raider, sign to acknowledge that you have read and agreed to what has been written above. If you cannot adhere to what is written, contact me or Habeeba ASAP in game.

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